Practice Philosophy

We are a practice devoted to the most advanced knowledge and technology available to improve your health and well-being.

Tragically, the typical American is sick and getting sicker through what have been termed “diseases of affluence,” and medicine as it is conventionally practiced today has not been able to meaningfully address these problems, which include obesity, diabetes, dementia/cognitive impairment, and cardiovascular disease. These conditions are usually accompanied by a loss of energy and libido, frailty, depression, and other symptoms which impair quality of life. Addressing these problems at their root is the reason for this practice.

Coronado Preventive Medicine is oriented toward the improvement of how you look, feel, and function. This is accomplished by a global assessment of your diet and nutritional status, genetic susceptibility to disease, functional strength and body composition, cognitive and emotional health, sleep, and hormone status, and by intervention in these areas when needed.

Particularly as we age, chronic diseases are typically diagnosed only when they have progressed significantly from a starting point which often goes unnoticed. Our goal is to help you identify susceptibility to disease which has not yet become clinically apparent, and to optimize your ability to resist illness, as you likely did when you were younger.

The average physician office visit in America today lasts less than ten minutes, and studies have shown that patients are usually interrupted by their doctor within the first 20 seconds of describing their health concern. Often patients do not even see a physician, but rather a physician “extender” such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant with far less training and experience than a physician. These factors are driven mainly by government forces which have eroded what formerly was a relatively free market, and direct the majority of health care dollars you are forced to spend toward insurance companies and other large corporations which stand between you and your physician, rather than the individual actually caring for you.

Our goal is to provide the time that is needed to address all of your concerns. You will not see a physician “extender” in the practice. We do not overbook and you will be seen on time.

A starting point for new patients is a brief one-on-one consultation with me, either by phone or in person, at no charge. This requirement ensures that new patients are philosophically aligned and would be a good fit in my practice.

The preventive services I provide are not covered by insurance; however, fees paid for these services may be applicable towards your annual health insurance deductible.

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